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8th July 2014
Notice of Refusal is Published.

Following the decision to refuse planning consent on the 25th June 2014 B&DBC has published the Notice of Refusal that has been sent to the applicant, TCI Renewables. The notice lists nine reasons why the authority decided to refuse planning consent and can be read here. The notice can also be read on the B&DBC website here.

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TCI have asserted our countryside is “unremarkable”. Do you agree? Magnify

TCI have asserted our countryside is “unremarkable”.
Do you agree?

Plans have been submitted to put 6 giant wind turbines at Woodmancott on the Hampshire Downs.

At 130 metres, each one is 30 metres taller than Big Ben and will be visible from 20 miles away.

They will be the only blot on the unspoilt landscape between Basingstoke and Winchester and comfortably the largest structures between London and Lands End.

And it's not just the turbines, TCI Renewables, the developer, wants to turn farmland into access roads and hard standing for cranes, there's the cabling and power stations and all the other infrastructure that comes with industrial-scale power generation.

This is the second wind farm proposal in the area this year - and if one is approved, more could follow.

This proposal means environmental destruction, turbine noise, more traffic, and visual blight.

We are planning to fight this all the way and we need your help. Objections to the Basingstoke & Deane Planning Department are still being accepted. You should submit your objection NOW!

Visit this site regularly for campaign updates and ways you can help fight the turbines, and spread the word.

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